Through the Years Program

CSSN is introducing an addition to the already existing Volunteer Visiting program. How many of us have an interest in family history, hearing stories of Days Gone By or going down Memory Lane? As a part of the Volunteer Visiting Program, CSSN will be intro-ducing an option for those who are interested to participate in “Through the Years”.

“Through the Years” is a step by step, carefully crafted tool that allows the volunteer to ask questions of the client that can be recorded. This is an opportunity for a volunteer and a senior to document special moments, important dates and document someone’s life while at the same time leaving behind a legacy for the client’s family.

Each volunteer and client match will receive a personalized package with very distinct questions that assist the volunteer in tracing the senior’s life. Each volunteer will receive training to assist them to make the documen-tation a smooth process. Please watch for more information as this new initiative be-comes available!